Friday, October 30

LOST {my} Mojo

I have not had creative energy this past week .
So  I am going to show you a card I made a while back.
I have never posted this card before!
It is my Lost season 2 card. This season was all about the Hatch...

Our friend, who shares her LOST DVD collection with us. took these pictures.
These are all of the cards I made her.
They are on display with the appropriate DVD box sets.

 If you would like to see each of the card individually just click the LOST {tag} in the side bar!
If you watch LOST. 
Who is your favorite character ?
My Favorite character is a tie, between Hurley and Jack.
If you don't watch LOST. What is your favorite show TV show past or present?

A favorite show of mine from the past is Everybody Loves Raymond.
My husband is like Ray, every body loves him.

see you soon,


Andrea said...

I love your cards! Lost is hands down my favorite show and I never would have thought to do cards inspired by it! I love Jack and Sawyer and not just because they are good looking!

Sweet Momiji said...

Awesome cards! I Love LOST! It is one of my favorites!
I would have to say that Sawyer and Juliet are my faves. Jack and Kate used to be and then they started getting on my nerves. lol
I really liked Charlie too.. but that was because he is a cutie patootie! Haha!
Right now, Smallville is my favorite show. And I used to be into Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. They were on Scy-Fy, both are over now. :(
If you like Lost so much, you would probably get into Alias. Have you ever watched that??

Amhoo, I could go on about these 'unusual' shows for ever. haha


Eve said...

JACK by FAR! Hurley is a close second. LOVE his sense of humor. Your cards are amazing!