Wednesday, July 6

Tabs, Tassels and Clippies.

Tabs Tassels & Clippies exchange!
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and checkout the new •Holiday exchange• tab you'll see our 1 time swap form! Kristy and I loved the feedback from the #mapplehappymail exchange. Keep it coming.

Thursday, June 9

Blessing or lesson day 1

 Love the Lord with all your heart...Soul..Mind. Love the Lord uncontrollably!  #flowers.

Blessings or Lessons Day 2

 An amazing reminder of how God plans are eternal. #illustratedfaith #masonjar #heart #purpose #dori

Blessing or Lesson Day 4

Teachers & coaches. 
When I think back on my youth I vividly remember my school secretary. She was so encouraging, she always made time to listen to me. She wasn't a teacher but she taught me about life. And when I went to high school she lived across the street. We had many late night conversations over tea. She was the person I needed when I was young. #mentor #illustratedfaith #bethechurch