Tuesday, November 3


Things were so busy on Halloween I didn't get to say:
"Happy Halloween!"
My family has never really gotten in to the festivities.
This year was very different all the kids went out and had a great time.
I guess this is a good sign my babies are growing up.

 I made these fun Edward and Jasper buttons to wear when I was handing out the candy.
 I also made my husband a LOST costume. It was very simple.
He was dressed like a Darma Initiative mechanic.

Some of my LOST creations are going to be featured over at Eve's blog this week so take a peek!
Eve is a Lost loving crafter too. She has also done some great Twilight inspired creations.

I have some scrapbook pages to show you this week,
So I'll see you soon,

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Eve said...

The buttons are adorable! And the suit turned out fantastic! What a great idea. I might have to remember that for next year! I am always struggling for costumes for my hubby and I!
The post goes up 7am Cali time!