Tuesday, December 9

Snowman Cupcakes

The kids school has a monthly fundraiser, it is such a great idea. They have a Cupcake sale. The Cupcakes cost 25cent and the children buy them at lunchtime as a treat.
The way the collect is that all the cupcakes are donated by parents.
This month was my turn to make the cupcakes .... and I had an idea! I stamped snowman toppers for the cupcakes. Here's what I did:
Snowman Cupcake Toppers
Stamps (mine: CTMH Frosty Freinds)

I stamped the image on the card-stock a bunch of times. the I took my markers and colored them in. After coloring them all in I cut each one out. to make them stick into the cupcakes I just tapped a tooth pick to the back of the cut-out. Stick them in your Cupcakes when your done.
Super easy Super Cute!

You could stamp any image for any ocassion. I chose the snow man for the Stamp Something challenge. The theme was "Snow Something". I really like snowmen any ways.

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~Denise Lynn~ said...

These are adorable! Bet the kids loved them. Thanks for playing. :)