Wednesday, December 10

Magic Wallet

I wanted to make a fun money holder for our paper boy this Christmas. The magic wallet look like you can get money front the front and back. I had a hard time finding good instruction, and since I am not equipped to make a video. I thought I would give a step by step and a link to a video I watch.Best video Here.
Magic Wallet
You will need:
(2) 3 x 12 inch strips of card-stork(as a base)
(2) 12 inch pieces of ribbon (mine was 1/2 inch Grosgrain)
Tape runner
Embellishments /Stamps
1st- Score your 3x12 inch strips of card-stock at 6 inches.
2nd- Take one of the strips fold and glue closed( this will be the back of your card.( I have marked the area to glue with green)
3rd- Apply glue one the lower half of one side of the "front" strip. Adhere ribbon 3/4 inch from the corner and wrap around back. Try to keep your ribbon as strait as possible.
4th- Now here is where it gets tricky! Go over the back piece and around crossing the ribbon behind the back piece. When you lead the crossed ribbon through you will place the ends close to the other ribbon. (I hope the picture helps)
5th- Glue the ends to the inside on the front piece. Fold the front and seal it.
6th- to decorate the front I stamped some images on a 2 3/4 inch x 5/3/4 inch card-stock. The colors I used were from the Color inspiration on KWerner's blog. I glued the decoration on the front of the Wallet/card and all done.
Other than figuring out the ribbon pretty easy! Let me know if it worked for you.

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