Sunday, December 14

Cheap Stamp Tips

If you have ever bought a "Cheap" stamp set here are a couple of ideas to make them work better.
(Remember: they are the cheap ones)
No. 1
Trimmed up the sides of the rubber around the image. By trimming the extra rubber off you reduce area to be inked. In the picture you can see that the ink on the extra rubber smeared on the paper when stamped. To do this I just peeled off the rubber with the foam and timed it using straight cuts.
Place your stamps close to the bottom of the wood. When you are sticking your image back on the block line it up with the bottom so you have a reference of where your image is on the block. You could also line-it-up with the side if you like, for 2 points of reference.

Christmas has been so busy that I have not had the time/energy to create.
I hope you like the tip.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, heres the recipe for the White Choc. popcorn. I will post it on my blog later today.