Friday, February 5

Funny Guy Valentines

**Please if you are one of my many brother remember these are supposed to be a surprise!**
I love making valentines for my brother. I have 2 natural brothers, 4 brothers-in-law and 1 other brother. Anyways, I love making them Valentines. Last year I made them Energy Drink valentines. They loved them one of my many brother even saved his because he didn't want to ruin it.
{ I told him it was O.K. I could make him a new one}
This year I thought funny movie or TV Valentines would be PERFECT!

I will show you each of them and let you in on the Joke. If you don't know the characters in the pictures. Sorry I can't help you. {hehehe} But believe me they are FUNNY!
This Spiderman Valentine says: Web "O" LOVE

This LOST Valentine says "It's Feruary 14th Brotha!"
This Chuck Norris Valentine says:Roundhouse kicking you some LOVE!

This Big Bang Theory Valentine says: "If only one of us can be the FLASH I pick you."
This Zoolander Valentine says: I love you like a brother, I don't mean it like a actual brother, but I mean it like the way black people use it, which I is more meaningful, I think.

Happy Krafting!

p.s. I {heart} Your Comments!


Ree Donnelly said...

OMG this is INSANELY creative & fun!!!! I love these... I wish I had thought of 'em! My daughter would love the zoolander one LOL...she <3's that movie & has the "blue steel" look down pat!

Well, you have definitely inspired me to use images from movies & TV and to be imaginative in thinking up good sentiments that go along! I'm thinking of a Caddyshack one for my brother... maybe for Fathers day!
Thank you!!!

Shelley Germann said...

These are so clever and hilarious! You are one creative mama! Now I need to think of what I could do for the men in my family. Thanks so much for the inspiration!