Friday, October 16

smiles & bloopers

I have smiled so many times since I joined the GreetingFarm gallery!
The artists on the farm are so talented and encouraging I have love browsing the card they make. It is my new favorite gallery!
Today for the "FarmFreshFriday" challenge over at the GreetingFarm gallery. The challenge is to make a "no Fills" card. I must say it was tricky to refrain from ribbon and flowers. But I did it!
I made an easel card with this template. It is so simple. You can make three 4 X 4 inch card with a sheet one 12 X12 of card-stock. I also used the sketch from MojoMonday and the colors from ColorThowdown.
Now for my BLoopers!
Since I have had so many smiles from the comment here and at the GreetingFarm Gallery. I thought I would make you smile.
I will show you some great card bloopers!
This card was a scratch and sniff card that got licked by a 2 year old.
This card got edited by two 4 year olds!
This card was enhanced by a 5 year old stamper.

lol ... I love kids! they are so CREATIVE!.... lol

I hope you loved the bloopers. I am sure I will have more in the future.
Have a great week-end,


Maylee said...

OMG...LOL! The licked one is halarious! TFS! I don't think I can do a no frills card, after all flowers and ribbons are my best friends! : )

Yolande Jones said...

Great card, and I love the bloopers!

Tammy Hershberger said...

Your Throwdown card is adorable, but I think I like the Bloopers better! How precious and what a neat idea to share those! You could be the Dick Clark of the stamping world, showing off bloopers! :)

Karyn N said...

Kids are too funny! Love the bloopers.

Gabby said...

OMG girl your card is precious...but those bloopers!!! ROFLMBO!!! I LOVE the licked one! That one had me rollin'! I can imagine how good it smelled to get licked! XD

dpkennedy said...

Your easel card is so pretty! Great job doing no frills! I love the kid enhanced cards! Not that I would be too happy about it...but they are funny, especially the one that got licked! Thanks for playing the Color Throwdown!

LeAnne said...

Sweet card--and cute bloopers! Glad you were able to use the CTD colors!

Melissa Sauls said...

Cute, cute cards and I just love those bloopers! That really made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the smile. :)