Thursday, October 1

LOST {season 4}

I finished watching Season 4 a couple of weeks ago and just had to make a Thank-you card again. But I wanted to make a little gift too! Every LOST fan has noticed that abundant DARMA INITIATIVE supplies that magically fall from the sky, right? So I thought a DARMA INITIATIVE item ... like a darma covered a Ranch Dressing bottle, would be cool.{lol} Then, I thought, the gift should last longer than a few lunches.

Notebooks are always handy. So, I covered a composition books and created a card that looks like a plane ticket. The notebook had to have a hint of drama. So it has the title DARMA INITIATIVE and a darma-like symbol decorating the front. I cut these great letters with my MM SLICE cutter. I sponged green, yellow and beige ink on the edges to make the book, look like it's been dragged through the jungle for three months.
The plane ticket has the bright paper pieced Oceanic Airline Symbol on the front of the folder. The inside holds a simple blank ticket on which I wrote my thank you note. I did not sponge the ticket or the folder. I thought the contrast of the two pieces looks sharp when I tied the leather sting around them.

Well, I am waiting for season 5 to come out on DVD. Then Season 6 of LOST will start in Jan 2010.


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Karyn said...

Thanks for the idea! I have a friend that is a Lost nut. Great B-day gift for her in November.