Tuesday, September 29

card{clip} w/ tutorial

You may remember I made this card for a splitcoaststampers sketch challenge. I love the way the card worked out it was just perfect. Now it is time for me to give my card to a dear friend my cards away seems to be the hardest thing for me. {I think that is why I Scrap-booking better...lol} I didn't want to hide it in an envelope. So, I came up with this card clip!

To make a Card clip...
I used:
a clothes peg. scrap paper. adhesive. embellishments and
glazing solution like Liquidglass/CrystalEffects
Here is how:
1. Take a scrap on the designer paper. Measure it to cover the face of the peg. I cut it slightly bigger than the face of the peg, for an over hang.
2. Smother the front of your peg with adhesive. I used a tape runner to do this. A couple of runs over the face of the peg did a good job.
3. Position the paper over the glue and press firm. Now for that slight over hang... you could file/sand it down but I just folded it down to surround the face's edge.
4. You will want to lay the peg on a flat surface for this. Take your Liquidglass/CrystalEffects type of glazing solution and trace the face of the peg following the edge of the peg.
This will create a wall to hold in the glazing solution.
5. Fill in the walls with the glazing solution and trace the outer edge of the wall as well. This will seal the paper so be sure that you are covering the paper and peg at the same time.
6. Embellish! I used buttons, but anything goes. I placed the buttons on just before the glaze solution dried but you could wait over night and then adhere your embellishments.

Et Voila!


karyn said...

Neat idea. I am making Christmas cards and may have to steal this idea to make sure my girls pics don't fall out.

Maylee said...

Great idea! Can you post your photos larger? I would love to see all the details.

Maylee said...

Love it! Thanks for enlarging the phot!