Monday, April 6

mini basket {Peeps}

{2} wide oval punches
{1} 1 1/2" X 6" piece of card-stock
{2} brads small
1/8" inch hole punch{small hole on Crop-o-dile)
Scalloped edge punch

1. Score the 1 1/2 X 6 inch card-stock on long side half an inch in. Scallop the edge of the long sides of the 1 1/2 X 6 card-stock, save the small strip that is left. {it will be the handle}
2. The side that the sore is closest to will be the bottom. Fold the scallops and curl the piece so it will round the shape of the wide oval with ease.
3. Take 1 of the ovals and put glue close to the edge for the scallops. I found it easiest to glue the edge to the inside if the basket. When you come to the edge it will overlap about 1/4 of an inch.
4. Use the 2nd oval to cover the bottom. I used a lot of glue to secure this part!
5. When your basket is shaped add the handle. Use the pieces left-over from the edging for the handle. To make sure that the handle goes on even I marked the bottom of the oval. Punch a small hole on both sides of the basket as well as the left-over handle.
6. Use the small brads to attach the handle to the basket. The handle will move freely. When you are placing the peep inside the sides are very stick so move the handle aside to keep them tidy.
Please let me know how your mini basket works out.

Happy Easter,

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BeccaRoo said...

This was such a cute ideal when I sow it on Flickr I thought you had done a fabulous job.