Wednesday, December 3

Onesie Gift Tag

My favorite thing about Paper craft blogs is Tutorials! So here is one. I made these tags for a babies Christmas gifts. You may have seen the onesie cards around well I have changed the measurements to make gift tags. You will need:
2 in X 6 in piece of paper
Small hole punch
Small oval punch
Embellishments(your pick)

1st- fold you paper to measure 2 X 3, With you fold on the top.
2nd- One the Back. Mark the sleeves 1/2 inch X 1 inch on each side. You will also need to draw a line from the "armpit" to the "hip" of the Onesie. Cut these lines out.
3rd-At the open end Mark 1 in in the center. This marking will guide your oval punch for the leg holes.
4th- You need to mark the center at the top (were your fold is) for the neck. Using you punch unside-down is the best way to line things up.
5th-Punch the legs out. Holding the punch upside-down will allow you to see the marks you made to guide your sizing.Punch about a 1/4 of the oval.
6th-You will want to place a small hole on the back "shoulder" area for your string. Simply tread it and make a knot. 7th- Punch out the neck. Use the center mark you made to cut half of the oval.
You can turn it over and decorate it, now. I just added a little snowflake brad.
Cute, eh!


Jeannie said...

I luv tutorials too - this is genius!!


Anonymous said...


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