Tuesday, July 26

Phonics Word Builder

Hello Crafty friends, today I have an educational craft. I have made a Phonics Word Builder for a grade one or grade two child. Our kids are at camp and I am doing "those extra little things" while they are away. The Phonics Word builder teaches spelling and reading at the same time! This Phonics Word Builder can be found at the Snails Trail Blog.

Before putting the Phonics Word Builder  I did some strategic thinking about: How can I use other academic factors in this activity.  Colour coding was my answer. So I proceeded to colour code the pieces as follows.    Root word = yellows, blues and its hues
Consonants = red and its hues
Prefixes = purple and its hues
Blends = Green and it's hues
 The kids came home from camp for the weekend and tried it out! Our grade one-to-be wanted to build a word that she can write in a greeting card. {handmade card, perhaps? lol!} I made a fun little note for them to write the words that they create with the Phonics Word Builder . I was very excited to see how much fun this was for them. They giggles at words that "sounded" funny and squealed when they built word that they knew.

Tools: Stapler, 1 3/8 inch circle punch
Paint chips
Ink: Permanent ink marker.

Happy Krafting, Shaz
p.s. I {heart} comments!


Tenia Nelson said...

Very cool!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Cole Meyer said...

What a great idea. And using the paint chips to add color knowledge (and a way to remember the type letters) was pure genius. I will have to go check this out for my grandson who will be entering 1st grade in a few weeks.