Friday, September 25

Sleep~over{loot bags}

Well today is Sleep-over day.
You may have seen the invitations I made for my daughter's Birthday sleep-over. Here are some of the items in the loot bags.
  • Candy bag with topper
  • Embellished note book
  • Wrapped Sparkly pencils
  • Wrapped Chocolate cookie bar
  • Hair clips on a handmade card
  • Handmade bookmark Clip
  • Music mix for her friends {not in the photo}
I try to "limit the loot" to small gifts. I don't like to put too much candy in the loot bags. Kids are always so excited after a party. A sugar high is just too much!
Have a great weekend,


Maylee said...

You are a super mom for make all these cool goodies! I'm sure the girls will have a blast!

karyn said...

Great loot bags. i really like the idea.