Friday, May 14

Mom Goggles!

Hello, I am sure you are wondering what "Mom Goggles" are.
Well, have you heard of "Beer Googles"? ... when an intoxicated person finds everyone in there path attractive. "Mom Goggle" is similar. It effect those who nurture small children. We, the nurturers, find everything the child does absolutely WONDERFUL! You may have also heard of" P.I.G." {Parent Identified Genius}, possibly a heightened form of the Goggle Syndrome.  LOL!
As a crafter I think my kids art work is the best in the world. So today I shall succumb to the syndrome and show off some of my Mother's Day gifts.
I think her spelling is cute! {I know it's wrong.}
Aren't they wonderful! Two of my kids can't find what they made me so I am holding my applause...
I would love to see your kids art work leave a comment and a link so I may Ooh and Awwwwe at your little ones work. Please and Thank you!
Happy Krafting, Shaz
p.s. I {heart} comments!

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Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

This is a very cute set of kid's art. :) Such great memories for later. :)