Friday, March 5

Mabel's Labels: review with personal pictures.

My first impression:
The first time I was introduced to Mabel's Labels I was amazed. "This is such a great idea" I thought.  As some of you know Hank and I have four{4} kids. We were constantly sending things out the door with the kids and hoping they will come back. The concept of labels that are waterproof, dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe seemed like a dream. I own a label maker and love it to pieces but Mabel's labels had so much more to offer in quality.
Creating or "customizing" the Mabel's Labels is very easy. Each step of the creating is marked by a tab for easy navigation. During each step of the customizing process a "preview" is available for you to see how your Mabel's Labels will look. The colors in the preview are accurate to the actual product too! I love the colors teal and raspberry. The tabs allow you to navigate back to make quick adjustment to the Mabel's Labels while you customize. I chose to order the skinny minis and I created them in 3 minutes.
Ordering the Mabel's Labels is completed after you create the labels. When you are happy with your created labels you select the "Finish" tab where again you will see a clear accurate preview of your choices before you add to cart. If you don't like what you ceated just go back to the "Name" tab.  Mabel's Labels has many payment option and has great shipping rates. The bottom line in the order form is clear and shows a detailed description of the labels you orders. I received a e-mail confirming my order and re-stating contact information. I liked that a lot!
Mabel's Labels are Amazing! I have used the skinny-minis on clothing and washed them many times. These labels are not advertised as laundry safe but I and still pleased with the clear lettering and stickiness. I recently ordered a set for my scrap-booking supplies. I attend at lest 4 crops or retreats a year. Every year I lose a tool or ink pad. The Household Lables are the real icing on the cake over at Mable's Labels. The "Crafter's Pack" and the "Cord Control" are dreamy. I also have the "Allergy Alert" they say my child mane and the allergy concerns. I love this for when I take her to a drop-in or play group. No worried the care-giver will forget the Mabel's labels will remind them.
These are a great thing. Mabel's labels clearly marking all you important items. You are free to wash dry and heat any thing that has Mabel's labels on it without a care in the world. I have had many  positive comment on the Mabel's labels I have used. A teacher thanked me because" I always know your daughters items" and a friend said "I always know what stuff you kids left behind before the get upset". If my kids will take Mabel's labels to High school I will stick it to them.

Happy Krafting, Shaz
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Courtney Baker said...

I love this idea! I so need to do this... especially the computer ones!

Karyn Norris said...

I love the idea of the personal ones.

Colleen said...

Thanks for the review! I've often thought about ordering them and never actually done it, but I might after reading this!

Eve said...


Love the new look of your blog! Thanks SO much for the goodie package that came in the mail yesterday! What a wonderful surprise! It made my day! I am in awe of the card and have it proudly displayed!
Thanks again-
PS- are you on facebook?