Monday, March 1

Hello World!

Let's imaging that an Electrical storm was coming and the World Wide Web was to be smothered into oblivion! At that exact moment I would want to say: Just be kind, smile and wait your turn. Many of other things we don’t effect the important things in life: Love Family Community or even Health. Think about those things for a moment.
When some super genius fixes the internet... Are you and I going to fall into old habits? Or are we going to be more intentionally loving? Be kinder, gentler, patient people!  If we smile it will change our  local communities and Social communities too. When we get on Facebook  post a “{{{hug}}}” or "Call ME". We can't allow the tough moments to rule our lives.  
I say this because, it’s hard raising kids in a negative judgmental world. I have faced a lot of judgment over our choice to have kids while we were 20.  And more for our choice to be full time Mom.  I heard: "Don't you wish you did more before you had kids?" and  my un-favorite~ "You'll wish you made other choices." I found it emotionally draining. I love being a Mom and Wife. Thankfully I had loving people in my community! They smiled. They said: "This is the best part." and "Call me anytime. Even 2 in the morning.". They encouraged me have the strength to raise healthy happy children.
We can help raise a healthy and happy generation. We have to do is be intentionally loving.  Stop judging what people do. Love people way they are. Nothing bad can come out of being kind and smiling. It will only better our lives.
My Family {Fall 2009}
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