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Shutterfly: review w/ pictures

The first thing I would like to say is I was not asked to review this product. I am reviewing to share information with fellow scrapbookers. That being said I have never reviewed a product before and if I leave a un-answered question just leave a comment and I will gladly share my opinion.

My first impression:
I received a e-coupon to Shuttterfly for a free 8X8 scrapbook. I loved that! Happily I joined the Shutterfly site and was eager to get my pictures on the site and ready for a project. The Shutterfly site is very "user friendly". I had no problems signing up or finding information on Shutterfly products.
We I have an older MAC and found it very difficult to upload my pictures. Here is where the information was hard to find. To upload my pictures with the "iPhoto" application I had to have an iPhone or iTouch. Sadly I don't have either, so I continued to look for ways to upload my picture to Shutterfly. I was very discouraged. The link to upload my picture was not clearly marked it was labeled as an "additional Options" and then in that window as "use one by one unloader". After I finally found this I was quickly dragging and dropping my JPEG files.
With all my pictures in an album I started to create my 8X8 scrapbook. I choose the "Simple Path" to work on my book. I had never made any thing like  this I wanted to have a bit of quick success. With the Simple Path I selected a theme and dragged the pictures I uploaded to an album to my creation. Since the picture I was using are now stored in my Shutterfly account I switched computers and used my husbands laptop {PC}. I liked that, because I I don't always use my MAC. I often work on project at my Mothers or on the go with Hank's PC. With a the Pc things went fast. I arranged my pictures added the captions and moved pages.
Like most on-line ordering fill the form and agree. I also ordered 50 free print with my 8X8 book. The priced reflected that my items were indeed free. I just had to pay shipping. I love free stuff. I thought It would be beneficial to order the items at the same time and save on shipping.
I did not save on shipping by ordering the prints and the 8X8 book at once.
I liked the e-mail that I received quickly after and the detail it showed. It stated that I had 3 hours to stop my order this was comforting for me, knowing I had time to change my mind.
The book arrived in 7 days and I was happy with that. But it came alone. The prints have not arrived. The packaging was pretty the yellow box was like a gift when I saw it. I opened the package and the 8X8 book was wrapped in a cello sleeve with Shutterfly printed on it. I though it was very cute.
Now for the real details. All of my children have black hair contrast is very important in photo processing. I am a fan of Fuji paper and Shutterfly advertised Fuji for it's print. I expected equal quality in the book. I did not get the contrast I was expecting in my 8X8 book.
Here you can see the 8X8 Book vs. the actual Photo.
The images in the 8X8 book have too much blue in them. For my dark haired children it almost drowns out the face. I am disappointed with this. I made this book for my mother and the faces are what she wants to show her friends.
Shutterfly has great service and beautiful presentation of there products. 
The paper in the book is very vibrant the inside cover had a lovely cover stock. The outer cover on the Hardcover version is firm and the color is equally vibrant to the pages inside.
Photo quality is not he best. Needed more contrast for best resolution of my photos.
Still waiting for my free prints.
I would love to hear YOUR opinion of Shutterfly.
I found this review as well by Erin of Scraps and Paps.

Happy Krafting!  

~,Shaz  p.s. I {heart} Your Comments

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Erin said...

Hi Shaz, thanks for linking up my blog to your review. I updated my post to include a link to your review. Glad we had similar experiences. Thanks for the reminder, I've been meaning to get back to this post and adding some pictures of the book, maybe I'll do that this weekend. :)