Tuesday, December 15

{MY} crafter's Christmas list 2009

Every year my husband, Hank, asks me to write a Christmas list.  {After a few years of weird gifts he realized it was better to ask.}  I have been so excited about buying for the kids. {I think I got them them best gifts every!} I had not put much thought into {MY} crafter's Christmas list 2009. So after a week of thinking a crafter's Christmas list 2009 would look like.  I picked the a few things.
Here it goes a crafter's Christmas list 2009:
1~ Copic Markers
{$3.00 to $4.00 each}
2~ 8G USB Drive
{$12.00 to $30.00}

3~ Socks
{YES! I really want Socks.}

4~ Teapot with a lid I cant break!
{President's Choice retailer $8.00}

5~ DIY Snow~globe
{Hallmark/Michael's $12.00}

6~ Chocolate
{YUMMY! Lindor or Ghirardelli please!}

7~ Basic grey Paper
{$1.00 per sheet to $25.00 per pad}

8~ Puma Footwear
{These are nice eh?}

So that was {MY} crafter's Christmas list 2009. I would love to hear what other crafter's Christmas list are looking like. What is on your list?
Happy Christmas Shopping!



Raven said...

What a totally wonderful idea. I hope you get everything on your list and then some. Merry Christmas.

Karyn N said...

hmmm! I need to make a list like this too!~ Have a great Christmas holiday and I hope you get SPOILED!