Thursday, December 10

Busy Christmas {lots of Pictures}

Hey there crafters I have been busy with family Christmas stuff. Boy, it is a lot of work to "Deckin' them Halls","Trim that Tree" and "sendin' those greetings"... But it is all so much fun! My favorite thing to do at Christmas time is wrap gifts.
I don't put much fashion coordination into our Christmas decorating.  I try {keywork:TRY}  to let the kids do things the way they like it. Of course if all the ornament are on one side I can't resist evening it out. It is all for the kids, right!?!
Most of the ornaments on our tree are made by the kids. Some of them are not even "Christmas-y". The are just, some of my favorite crafts that they have made over the years, so that mean:
I have sun-catchers and painted butterflies on my tree. {Oh well...}

I also helped the kids with some card writing of there own. It is fun to watch them thinking about who each and every card is going to be for. Stamping the envelopes with Christmas greetings and lick the seals{yuck}. They had a grand old time.
*** Please note NO Handmade cards were harmed during this process***
Yeh... I feel like I should say that these card were store bought.

Merry Christmas!
{hugs}  Shaz 
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Karyn N said...

LOL at the comment " NO handmade cards were harmed during this process!" I have 3 girls so I can appreciate the comment! Very nice decorations.